The book that steal my attention and leave me twisted!

I am not a lover of fiction stories, never did I read the whole book series of Twilight, Harry Potter, Narnia  and the new craze Hunger Games. But it was because of this Fiction story that gives me more crave to read more fiction books and discover the great imagination of genious writer’s around the globe.

I’m talking about  this great series of fiction story entitled ‘Twisted’ by Kaycee R. To tell you frankly I just saw this online by accident and upon reading the summaries of the chapter of the series 1, it catches my attention and decide to download it. The story was great and the author is brilliantly leaves every reader hang on the story itself.

And what made it interesting? Let’s summarize it..

Twisted 1  Cayden Rivers wants nothing more than to be normal but we dont always get what we want. He hides the fact that he is unnaturally fast and strong from everyone including his best friend Camilla. Another power is discovered along with other people that posess it, and other people that will kill for it. Will Cayden be able to keep his power and his friendship, or will his new found power destroy everything, including him? Switching between Cayden and Camilla’s point of view, Twisted will leave you aching for more.

Twisted 2 Cayden and Cam think they have it all figured out but a fight gets in the way that permanently changes things. Will their friendship pull through or will it all be destroyed? Cam makes a shocking sacrifice when everyone is once again put in danger that could change everything.

Twisted 3 So many questions need to be answered. Did Cayden choose Evie or Cam? Is Cayden mad that Cam has fallen for Jay? Tessie’s past comes back to haunt her putting everyone in danger again. Will the Rivers pull through? Or has their luck finally run out?

Twisted 4  The boys need to figure out a game plan. Their most dangerous mission yet, a lot is at stake. Cam faces some tough decisions & a new intriguing guy that may be taking her mind off Jay just a little too much. Does she love Jay enough to resist his charm?

And we are waiting for the official release of the Twisted 5 which Author KayceeR confirm to release. And this is the snippet for the fifth installment “The world was spinning. Everyone was arguing on if we should run or stay but I couldn’t hear any of what they were saying. The phone was still up to my ear but I was frozen. My jaw hung open and my worst fears were true. All of a sudden everyone’s eyes were on me. Suddenly I could hear again. Jay was still screaming from the other end of the phone which is what caught everyone’s attention, but I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t move. Or speak. His words had left me speechless. My best friend was dead. Nothing else mattered. I felt like a bullet had just gone through my heart. Nate ran over to me and snatched the phone from my hand.” .

Super excited for this…

I dare you you to read the first series and i’m sure you will continue to read on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and like me will be excited for the releases of the 5th installment.  🙂

Share with me what you think of the story. Do you find it interesting? Or what?  Share your thoughts here on my blog. ASK ME FOR THE DOWNLOAD LINK ON THE COMMENT BOX…

(P.S   The author or anybody else didn’t pay me to make a review of this. I just really love the book so much and this review is just a way of saying thank you to the author KayceeR for producing this great book.).



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